Working Responsibly

At Arden House, we pride ourselves on our corporate social responsibility in the hotel industry. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by both evaluating, and implementing good environmental practices wherever possible. This includes creating further environmental awareness on corporate responsibility so that we can offer the greenest environment we can for our guests, our teams and even our local communities… not just now, but for future generations to come too.

Employee practices and training

Our employee training explores environmental aspects such as how to reduce energy, water and waste. We also highlight the usefulness of lift sharing and combined journeys from an environmental point of view. In our public areas, when they are not in use, lights, radiators and all computers and office equipment are turned off at night.

Customer education

All guests are encouraged to assist us in our environmental mission by participating in our linen reuse program in order to reduce our energy and water consumption, and we also kindly request that TV’s, lights and radiators are turned off when not in use.

Waste management

By working closely with our nominated waste supplier, we are successfully recycling glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and food waste. We also encourage e-mails over letters and post, and we are gradually introducing systems based on e-format.


At Arden House, we are actively sourcing and promoting product ranges that minimise the environmental impact during production and distribution. This includes products such as cleaning chemicals that have a low environmental impact. Deliveries to the hotel are also monitored so that they are kept to a minimum and, we purchase recyclable products and equipment in our hotels wherever possible.

Community engagement

 The local community is important to us, and we support and actively contribute by working closely with local schools, charities and suppliers. Employing people locally where possible, to cut down our environmental footprint is also important to us, and we source products from local suppliers wherever we can too.


Meet the Team

Hard working, passionate and always providing a first class service, our welcoming and friendly team is our pride and joy.

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